Design Services

Do you have a special event that requires a great amount of attention to detail? Do you need to rent items for your photo shoot, party or wedding? Do you need help figuring out what type of decor you'll need or where to get it from? For a signature design touch at your next bash, consider hiring me to bring a creative eye to your planning or renting my antiques and other items for unique decor. If you hire my consulting services, I will provide you with a color scheme, shopping list, and design ideas. You can also have me set up the whole event from start to finish. I can do the decor for weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, showers, photo shoots, etc. Maybe you want help with your boutique, visual displays or merchandising - I can give you direction and help to make it a reality. Get in touch with me, or click the Styling link for more information.

I offer full-service interior design in the DFW area. My specialty is mixing the old with new - combining high-end pieces with antique family heirlooms; obtaining treasures from thrift and antique stores for a design (or style) that flows naturally together and looks like it is your personal collection. I can help you choose furniture, accessories, wall covering, flooring, and window treatments that will fit within your budget and lifestyle. Your home should be a place that represents you and your style, but at the same time be a place where you can relax, be refreshed and give you a place you can call "home". Let me help you visualize your space. Get in touch with me for a price for this package. Also, to see a list of options go here.

If you don’t live in my area, but you want my help in giving your home a small refresh, or possibly an entirely new design, you can use my eDesign services. To get the process started, I just need a few photographs of your spaces, and a discussion with you about furnishings, budget, and style choices. If you don't have all this nailed down, don't worry - we can discuss it and I'll help you figure it out. After this process, and after the benefit of learning a little about your personality, I’ll give you a digital design presentation board with suggested colors, decor and fabrics, as well as a floor plan layout. To see the detailed process, go here.