eDesign is a convenient way to have access to a designer (me!) over the internet.

Here's how it works:
  • 1. You send me photos of the space(s) you want help with.
  • 2. You send measurements of the perimeter of the space(s), as well as ceiling height, window width, window height, and windowsill height (this is the floor to windowsill distance), and door width and height.
  • 3. You also send photos of inspiration or of what you have in mind - anything that you think would help me understand what you want and need.
  • 4. You will need to fill out a comprehensive survey about color, design aesthetic, what you do and do not like, what needs you want met, budget, etc.

After these steps are completed, I will send you information on what I believe you will like and what will be a best fit. I'll also send a digital design presentation board, floor plan layout, elevations, and any other information that I suggest for your home, as well as a detailed list of options of furniture, furnishings and equipment (ff&e).

Options/Packages for Interior Design Services:
For all design services (whether eDesign or not)

I offer many options. I can do inspiration boards for your rooms, floor plans with furniture and accessory details, and even elevations.

Trying to sell your home? I offer complete staging services - this is for those of you who need help with how to place your artwork, furniture, drapery, accessory placement, and even any type of organization, if needed.

Often people just need consulting - they kind of have an idea of what needs to be done, but they just need a smidgen of help. I can help you pick out paint colors, and move furniture/accessories around to style or stage a room. Do you feel a little uncomfortable shopping for all your furniture and furnishings alone, and need an interior design friend to tag along to help you make decisions that'll make your home more balanced? Someone that knows what's missing from your home and could help you pick it out? I can assist you.

I can even give you a thorough walkthrough of the entire design process if you want - I will work with you to select each piece of furniture, accessories for the rooms(s), textiles, etc. I'll complete some digital boards, floor plans and elevations so you've got everything in front of you.

Get in touch with me for further details of your project for a specific price depending on which package you select.